What are the types of basketball betting?

The following are the most widespread basketball stakes:

  • Result stakes
  • Total
  • Handicap – If gambling on basketball is not very profitable due to the presence of an absolute favorite, you can improve the odds by placing a stake like a handicap. Use a handicap with a minus sign for the probable winner and a plus sign for the outsider.
  • Gambling on quarters – You can gamble not only on totals, odds or result on quarters, but also on comparison of the efficiency of quarters on points, fouls, etc.

Bets on a team to overcome a certain stage of the tournament

Other offers – You can gamble on an even or odd result, just guess whether the match score will be divisible by 2.
To make a smart stake, you need to analyze the match. If this is a live game, then it is easier to give an assessment, since you can visually assess what is really happening on the site.
To make a total stake, you should analyze the pace of the game. This is not the same as the speed of movement. The pace is characterized by the number of goals scored. If there is a lot of unnecessary movement, then the teams will score no more than 150 points for two.

What is the quarter strategy?

Quarter betting is in demand in basketball but it has always attracted quite controversial reviews. Some betters believe that it certainly leads to success over a distance, while others point out that a large bankroll can merge very quickly.
The rationale for it is as follows:
A confrontation is chosen where there is an outsider and a favorite. At the same time, the game should refer to a competitive championship, that is, a championship, where tense confrontations develop in most matches. The most striking example is the NBA.
The odds for winning the outsider in the 1st quarter should be 2.3-2.9. It should be borne in mind that in subsequent periods it will decline.
Bets are made on the principle of “doubling catch-up” on an outsider. If you lose in the 1st quarter, the bet amount in the 2nd quarter is doubled, etc.
Such basketball betting systems are interesting and often profitable to use. However, it is important to understand that if the handicapper wins against the bookmaker for a long time according to some chosen strategy, the bookmaker may introduce certain limits and restrictions.

Which basketball betting strategy to choose?

On the Internet, you can easily find many methods that supposedly guarantee a 100% probability of winning. Remember one thing – no basketball strategy will give you even a 95% guarantee of victory.
Players are forced to use mathematical models more often, to convert them into specialized tactics for basketball matches. But professional players argue that this makes sense – high traffic makes it possible to stabilize profits, and it is for this that bettors place bets.
All tactics have the same degree of danger and benefit to the players. Each client of the bookmaker’s office decides independently whether to use the models. Neither can guarantee a 100% result, but if used correctly, both tactics can become powerful weapons in the fight against the bookmaker. We recommend combining tactics with a thorough analysis of each match, which could potentially form the basis for your bet.
A beginner bettor must clearly understand that bets can only generate income with a competent assessment of the situation, control of emotions and a reasonable distribution of their bank. At first, you can use the advice of more experienced players, but remember that no bettor will reveal the secret of his success.


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