What are the pros of betting on basketball?

Basketball is one of the most favored disciplines. It is especially favored in the US, there is also the most famous competition in this sport – NBA (National Basketball League). It is also in demand among bookmakers. Its bets can bring stable profits in the long run.
Pre-match analytics of basketball matches is very crucial for successful bets. It is somewhat simpler than debriefing in football matches, since the teams here are 2-3 times smaller, and they play twice as often, so there is always a lot of information about rivals.

How does the analytics work?

Most professional bettors choose NBA matches for their bets, which stand out for their entertainment and high limits. Bookmakers traditionally offer generous odds on main outcomes, handicap, and total.
For successful betting, you can use the forecasts of experienced analysts who take into account many basic aspects. When making a forecast yourself, the following factors must be taken into account:

  1. performance of teams in the season;
  2. the number of points earned;
  3. positions in the standings;
  4. home and away game results;
  5. the current streak of successful games or losses;
  6. who is on the bench.

Given the regularity of basketball matches, it is easier to analyze the potential of players in NBA tournaments and make more accurate predictions. In addition, competitions are held almost daily, and you can make bets even on New Year’s and other holidays.

What are the basics of pre-match analytics?

There are several main points that basketball analytics includes:
The current form of the opponents. The specificity lies in the fact that there are traditionally much fewer game recessions than, for example, in tennis and football, and therefore it becomes much easier to track the current form. The fact that each team plays 2-3 plays a week also helps, which means that there is an opportunity to get the latest information about its current level and physical shape. Do not forget to check the results of the last 5-6 games of each team. Pay special attention to the statistics of home and away matches: basketball is a sport in which the home court factor is extremely important, and sometimes even decisive, so when analyzing statistics, evaluate home and away matches separately.
List of injured and disqualified. Given the busy schedule of basketball competitions, it is not surprising that injuries and disqualifications are common in this sport. So that you can say with confidence that your rate is deliberate, you should definitely monitor the press regularly to constantly be aware of all personnel changes in the composition of each of the teams.
The history of face-to-face confrontations. Do not forget about the history of the confrontation of rivals as well. It often happens that the indicators of the last three or four head-to-head meetings between teams can tell you much more than dozens of live watched matches with their participation. Again, do not forget that in basketball the statistics of home and away matches differ significantly, and therefore it is worth assessing it differentially.

What else to take into account?

Standing position and motivation are important too. And, of course, don’t forget about such a key factor as motivation – in such a tough and strong-willed sport like basketball, motivation is of particular importance. Be sure to evaluate who and what needs from the upcoming match and, based on this information, try to adjust your forecast so that it does not turn out that you are betting on a team that no longer needs anything against an over-motivated opponent.
One of the key problems that has killed any player is the lack of objectivity. Most professional players agree that it is not allowed to bet on your favorite teams. Therefore, in sports betting, it is very important to discard all sympathy and be guided by statistical data, constantly monitoring news sites.


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