What does basketball betting mean?

Basketball is one of the five leading sports destinations in terms of popularity among visitors to bookmakers. This sport is characterized by speed, which is why bettors are offered a huge variety of bets. On the pages of bookmakers, you can gamble on a handicap by choosing a certain indicator among a wide range of points, or place a gamble on the total or team total. And for especially large tournaments, betting companies add to the list and bets on personal statistics for each basketball player.

Before the start of the game, you can gamble on the handicap or total of the first quarter, first half, of the whole game. In live, near the end of each game quarter, the player can bet on the next quarter. This way you will challenge yourself in predicting four mini-matches per game instead of one.
Players place similar bets using a special basketball strategy by quarter. Let’s consider the elements of this strategy.

What are the benefits of basketball betting?

Basketball gambling really has many cool advantages compared to other sports.
A large number of equally probable events. It is the most suitable discipline for those who like to gamble on equiprobable events.
High-limit NBA betting. NBA betting is made by the vast majority of big cappers, including the lion’s share of US players who traditionally make big stakes. In pursuit of this traffic, bookmakers are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for basketball bettors, offering generous gambling limits on the main outcomes, as well as handicap and total. True, this feature is more typical of large Western bookmakers.
Low margin in the NBA. All the same competition between bookmakers in the struggle for the largest players has led to the fact that in almost all leading gambling establishments in the world, the margin for NBA matches is less than for all other competitions and sports offered in the line.

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The regularity of the games. The fact that most basketball teams play from two to four matches a week makes this sport the most attractive for statisticians in their calculations – the sample of analyzed NBA matches turns out to be quite solid and allows for fairly accurate predictions. In addition, the NBA is often the only competition on which you can gamble on any day, including holidays – even on December 31 and January 1, at least two or three matches are always played in this league.

What are the drawbacks?

The main drawback is low limits and odds for European basketball competitions. Unlike NBA bouts, very modest upper gambling limits are usually offered for UEFA and European championship matches; the coefficients are generally also 3-5 points lower than the coefficients on the NBA. All this makes bets on the same Euroleague not the most profitable business.
Also, a weak list is a disadvantage. The overwhelming majority of bookmakers offer a weak list of basketball matches. Many are completely limited to handicap, total and main outcomes. Despite the fact that such a list is enough for professionals, for many players who are used to betting on football, it may seem very scarce.

Why is basketball quarter betting so popular?

Quarter stakes are the most popular type of gambling among basketball fans. Every quarter in a basketball match is a mini-match. During them, the head coaches of the teams provide for various tactics, choose specific combinations, replace athletes and much more. The perfomance of each of them depends on a number of criteria, including the fatigue of athletes who have previously entered the floor.

What are the features of quarter bets?

During the stakes, the bettor is obliged to monitor the game process. Blind bets here will lead to a complete loss and loss of the pot, respectively. A lot of events are always presented in the line, which allows you to test any scheme and track the effectiveness of such bets. The following factors can affect the performance of basketball matches and the outcome of quarters:

  • Team match statistics in the season;
  • Injured and disqualified players;
  • The physical form of the players;
  • Availability of away series in the championship;
  • Home and away matches statistics;
  • Results of head-to-head meetings of teams.

Keeping statistics and analyzing data will not give 100% guarantees, but will increase the player’s chances and help to earn money. Even a beginner can win bets on quarters in basketball, with a certain observation and awareness in basketball championships
Important! In only 14% of all cases, the same basketball team wins throughout the events of the match. It is not uncommon for the underdog to take the lead after 1-3 losses in 1 period, so many bettors are gambling on the underdog to win in the last part of the match. It is not necessary to take into account the results of the entire period, it is important to observe every quarter. If your gamble on the outsider won in the first quarter, you can safely move on to the next match. The bookmaker will no longer give a suitable amount of handicap to the outsider, and will try to return to the game in order not to miss the advantage in the match.

How profitable is it to bet on basketball?

No system will win if the player is in a hurry to win or takes hasty steps. You need to monitor your bankroll so that basketball stakes do not lead to its complete drain. If the capper regularly wins against the bookmaker, sooner or later he will be given a limit. This leads to a constant change of bookmaker and the search for the best conditions for playing sports betting. Most of the strategic tactics involving gambling on a match are based on the catch-up scheme, so the bettor must first determine the gambling limits for himself. Better – about no more than 3% of the bank.

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