David Booker Suffered a Tendon Injury and Was Unable to Continue Against the Golden State Warrior

The Phoenix Suns quarterback David Booker performed well in the first quarter against the Golden State Warrior. Unfortunately, the second quarter of the event brought the athlete terrible luck with a hamstring injury.
Tuesday night saw a big showdown between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns. Defender David Booker was injured while running to the basket just minutes before half-time. The coach of the team stated that there is no exact information regarding the condition of the athlete. However, Booker himself returned to the bench and supported his team morally. A hamstring injury can be frustrating for a two-time All-Star.
Nevertheless, even after the loss of an important player, the Phoenix Suns performed well in the confrontation and won the match with a score of 104-96. At the same time, Deandre Ayton scored 24 points and Chris Paul was able to make 11 assists and add another 15 points to the total score. The confrontation between the two strongest teams in the NBA was really amazing. Now we have a match between the Phoenix Suns and the Pitons on Thursday. In it, the Phoenix Suns have every chance of breaking their record and getting 18 wins in a row in a season.

Source: NBA.com

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